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EMNE offers Outreach & Education Modules designed to enhance group and organizational understanding and implementation of various aspects of electric vehicle technology and policy. Specific areas include:

  • EVs and Infrastructure: State of Nature, Common Issues & Market Forecasts
  • Planning for Public & Workplace Charging
  • Federal/State EV and Infrastructure Incentives and Regulatory Issues
  • Infrastructure Host Site Evaluation and Test Cases
  • Charging Products

Workplace Charging Workshop – EMNE has presentation packages directed toward employers designed to discuss the benefits of workplace charging and providing an overview of existing case studies and technology approaches. The Workshop’s intent is to capture the spectrum of EV industry participants, local employers, utilities, auto dealers and charging station providers. Employers will leave with a solid grasp of workplace charging issues, technology options and costs.

Organizing Ride & Drive Events – EMNE can organize and manage ride and drive events for public and workplace venues. For Maine’s 2014 National Drive Electric Day, EMNE successfully organized media and local auto dealer participation resulting in 127 public ride and drives.

State & Local Municipality Services – EMNE can assist state and local municipalities on decisions relating to fleet conversion, charging station infrastructure and placement, securing funding opportunities and innovative financing mechanisms and removing impediments to regulatory processes to better incentivize local adoption of EVs.

Existing Professional Clients – EMNE provides management and consulting expertise to Central Maine Power for its Electric Vehicle Pilot 2B. As part of the Maine EV Alliance, EMNE works with a variety of Maine-based non-profit and business stakeholders in administering a rate-payer funded matching grant under the authority of the Maine Public Utility Commission. The program has provided funding for plug-in vehicles, public charging stations and private industry workplace charging clusters. Vehicle awardees include ecomaine, Portland House of Pizza, Bard Coffee, The Sunrise Guide, Green Clean Maine, Tilson Tech, and the local governments of Portland, Scarborough and Standish. EMNE leveraged relationships with Nissan NA who donated two DC Quick Chargers now forming the backbone of public charging in the Greater Portland area, and secured their placement at the Fore Street Garage in Portland and the South Portland Community Center. The program is currently completing workplace charging at the IDEXX and Hannaford Brother Headquarters.

EMNE assists DriveGreen LLC in promoting their proprietary software platform which monetizes environmental credits from certain forms of renewable electricity used exclusively for transportation applications under the Renewable Fuel Standard Program. EMNE provides business development counsel, including identifying business opportunities and growing their EV subscriber base. See: